Buying a house in Iraq - Safe for Americans?

In the United States you hear that most Iraqis don't hate Americans, just American policy. Evidence shows that this statement is not entirely true. After September eleventh, before the blink of an eye, US and British armies invaded Iraqi soil. Still, a few people can argue that a small percentage of Iraq dislikes American's. Most want to know about Iraqi hospitality. After all it's much like America's Southern hospitality. There are plenty stories surfacing about Iraqi men helping soldiers, so how can they dislike us? And what about the Green Zone? These questions lead to a bigger question: Is it safe for Americans to reside in Iraq?

If you ask the majority of Americans why Iraqis dislike us, you'll hear different things; it's because of the clash between our views. You'll hear that America is devoted to freedom and Iraq favors incarcerating their people. Whatever the answer, Iraqis don't like Americans. Which is why buying a home could arrest your safety and potentially place you in harms way. With beautiful land, palatial buildings and lush trees, it's easy to feel that Iraq can comfortably be the perfect home away from home. But the expanse of land and beauty should take the backseat. The people and how they rule their province need be in the forefront of every American's mind.

The Green Zone: Not an option to create as a home. It is the guarded residence for American Soldiers and the US and British Embassies. If I were told of the many heroic stories about Iraqis helping American soldiers, I'd disparagingly introduce that person with the many articles about American soldiers being killed, which would trump their initial argument. However, I cannot stay ruthless forever in terms of Iraqi homes--I can only be truthful. And with truth there's a positive and a negative side of everything. Which means, Yes, in this case, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

The American Village--Kurdistan, Iraq. These five words should mean an enormous amount to any home buyer looking to invest property in Iraq. Eastern geography meets Western traditions. In The American Village is the progressive improvement many people around the world wish for all of Iraq. Rolling hills in the misty distance, landscape geometrically built to perfection, land like you can never come across in America and hospitality from the natives. There are hundreds of villas designed the cater to American's dream home. The American Village is a perfect place to start a wonderful home. And a safe home. Here, Americans are welcomed with open arms.

It's true that Iraq is a wounded and developing country, one that puts its problems into the hands of Americans. At this time you may not find many homes to buy in areas that are safe for Americans just yet. But Iraq is changing for the better. And though there are plenty struggles, it isn't as difficult for outsiders to find their dream home.

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